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Gaucho Belt Pink Pampa

SFr. 129

The Gaucho belts are unisexe. Very nice to wear with white pants or blue jeans and a blouse. The Gaucho belt is the detail that makes the whole difference. It is delicate and very resistant. It is normally used by the gauchos (Argentinian horse riders).

MeasuresHeight: 4 cm

Material: Carpincho leather and cow leather with a resistant thread

Please note: The measures, patterns or colours may slightly vary between belts, as every belt is totally handmade.


5 facts to know about our Gaucho Belts:

  • Traditional Argentinian belt of the Gauchos

  • The cross of the belt symbolizes the Andes Mountain in the Mapuche tradition

  • It takes about 5 hours to weave the broderie

  • The thread of the broderie is dipped into wax to be more resistant

  • The gaucho belts become even more beautiful over time

Who made the Gaucho Belt?

Sergio makes the Gaucho belts in his small atelier in Buenos Aires. He is originally from la Pampa (a region in the center of Argentina). He starts by cutting the leather. He then weaves with the string thread the broderie. Sergio sells his gauchos products in a small shop in Buenos Aires.

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