La Nativa

Clutch Mandala Salva

SFr. 79

The Wayuu clutch is the perfect accessory to make any outfit stylish. You can wear it with dresses or shorts in the summer. In the winter, put your lipstick inside and keep it in your bag. It is the color touch that will follow you across the seasons.

Measures: Height: 18cm, length: 28cm

Please note: The measures, patterns or colors may slightly vary between models, as every clutch is totally handmade.


4 facts to know about our Wayuu clutches:

  • Crafted with a particular technique from la Guajira, Colombia

  • Made by indigenous artisans from the Wayuu tribe

  • Sewn on a piece of fabric with a special needle

  • The mandalas are representation of natural elements


The Wayuu women weave the clutches. This tribe lives in the region of “la Guajira”, a territory between Colombia and Venezuela. Craftsmanship is a tradition that is passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

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