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Lacquerware Bracelets Red Touch

SFr. 39

The Lacquerware bracelets are delicate accessories. They are very light so you can wear them during the day and night. They give a subtle touch of color to any of your outfits. Wear them with a boho style dress, a perfecto and some cowboys boots. You can also twist them with thinner bracelets and a printed t-shirt for a casual look.


Made of bamboo and coated with lacquer (the sap of the Thitsi Tree)

Please note:

Not ideal to wear it under the rain because it is made of natural fibers

Dimensions: 7cm (diameter) X 4cm (thickness)



5 facts to know about our Lacquerware Bracelets:

  • It is made in a small city in Myanmar called Bagan

  • Bagan is beautiful with more than 4000 ancient temples

  • The lacquer comes from the sap of a South Asian tree called Thitsi Tree

  • The local population principally lives from tourism, more than 300,000 tourists come every year

  • The frame of the bracelet is sculpted with some bamboo



U Tin Htun lives in Bagan, an ancient city in Myanmar. The region of Bagan is very popular for craftsmanship and tourism. Most local people work in the tourism field because around 300.000 tourists visit the area every year. Myanmar is still a very poor country with a lot of traditions. For example men wear a kind of long skirt called “longi” for everyday life. People are extremely nice, honest and authentic. Our artisan U Tin Htun has a small workshop in the countryside. He took over the family business runned by his grandfather and father. Men work with wood and lacquer while women carve and put on some colors. It takes around 3 months to produce a bracelet because it needs various weeks to dry between layers of lacquer.

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