La Nativa

Merino Poncho Grey & White

SFr. 390

The merino poncho is part of a limited collection. Each piece is unique and handmade by our artisan Hugo. Wear it with a leather jacket, nice boots and jeans. It will keep you warm and make all your outfits stylish.

Material: 100% Merino wool 

Wash: Rather hand wash with water and soap. It it is very dirty wash it with a cold wool program.

Please note: One size fits all body shapes.


5 facts to know about our merino ponchos:

  • The ponchos are made with very soft merino wool

  • The wool is hypoallergenic, warm, and it doesn’t make you sweat

  • All our models are unique models

  • Made by Hugo in a small workshop next to the ocean in Uruguay

  • It takes about 2 days to weave a poncho


We met Hugo on the Atlantic coast in Uruguay. He was knitting merino ponchos in his small workshop. Hugo buys the wool in bulk and dies it with natural pigments. He then makes the wool thread on a loom and finally knits the poncho.

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