La Nativa

Shoulder Strap Multicolor

SFr. 49

The Shoulder Strap is the perfect accessory to customize your bags. Wear it with a basket or a leather bag. It is super comfortable to wear. All models are unique. Give your bag a twist !

Measures: Height: 8cm, Length: 100



5 facts to know about Shoulder Straps:

  • They are inspired by the mochila strap

  • Crafted by indigenous artisans from the Wayuu tribe

  • The strap is woven on a loom

  • Each design symbolizes nature or the Wayuu culture

  • It takes about 7 hours of work to craft one mochila


The Wayuu women take care of weaving the mochilas. This tribe comes from the region of “la Guajira”, a territory between Colombia and Venezuela. Craftsmanship is a tradition that is passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

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