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The Iraca earrings are a funky accessorry. They are very light so you can wear them during the day and evening. They give a touch of color to any of your outfits. Wear them with a boho style dress or short during the day. You can give any black dress a twist wearing these amazing earrings.


Iraca fiber (comes from banana tree’s leaves) and iron for the frame

Please note:

Not ideal to wear it under the rain due to its natural fibers


5 facts to know about our Iraca Bags:

  • Made in a small village near Barranquilla, Colombia

  • The Iraca fiber comes from banana leaves that are dried and dyed

  • Children of this modest village are able to go to university thanks to the revenues of the Iraca craftsmanship

  • Angie, our local artisan, worked with a famous designer in the United States

  • The frame of the bracelet is sculpted with an iron wire


Angie lives in a small house in the Iraca village (Colombia). The majority of the population are artisans who work with Iraca fibers. They meet daily to weave this particular material. They start by drying the banana tree leaves. Then they dye them with natural pigments and cut them in order to get a thread. It is an ancestral tradition.

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