La Nativa

Wayuu Campana Keyring small

SFr. 15

The Wayuu Keyring is the perfect touch of color that you need. Wear it either on your bag or with your keys inside your bag. With these flashy pompons you will have no excuses to lose your keys.

Wash: Possible to wash at 30 degrees with the delicate program

Please note: The measures, patterns or colors may slightly vary, as every keyring is totally handmade.


5 facts to know about our Keyrings:

  • The keyring comes from the mochila (pompons)

  • Crafted by indigenous artisans from the Wayuu tribe

  • It is handmade thread by thread

  • Colors are used very much in Colombia to symbolize their zest for life

  • Children love our keyrings because they look like small people


The Wayuu women weave the mochilas. This tribe comes lives in the region of “la Guajira”, a territory between Colombia and Venezuela. Craftsmanship is a tradition that is passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

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