La Nativa

Yuli Top Yellow

SFr. 69

The Yuli bikini is the bikini that you need for this summer. It is sexy and pleasant to wear. It is made in crochet with long straps. Try to play with the straps for a stylish and wild look. You can go to the beach with a nice blouse on your bikini for a perfect boho chic style. The bikinis are quite small and therefore sexy.

Size: One size

Wash: Possible to wash at 30 degrees with the delicate program

Please note: It is possible to go to the water with this bikini but it is not the ideal bikini for the waves in Hossegor. 


5 facts to know about our Yuli Bikinis:

  • They are designed by the grand daughter of a Wayuu woman

  • They are handwoven with the crochet technique

  • The size adapts thanks to the adjustable straps

  • They have long straps to enroll them around your body

  • It takes about 12 hours of work to produce one bikini


Yuli lives in “la Guajira” , the Wayuu territory. She is in her twenties and she just started her bikini brand. We are very happy to launch this limited collection of 10 bikinis with her. Each model is unique, original and fun to wear.


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